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Client Engagement via Partnership

At Building Simulation Lab we believe in creative enterprise. We regard partnership as a relationship in which all involved are actively engaged in and stand to gain from the process of working, creating and learning together.


Our values which underpin successful client engagement through partnership are:

AUTHENTICITY: the rationale for all parties to invest in partnerships is meaningful and credible;

HONESTY: all parties are honest about what they can contribute to partnership and about where the boundaries of partnership lie;

INCLUSIVITY: there is equality of opportunity and any barriers (structural or cultural) that prevent engagement are challenged.

RECIPROCATING: all parties have an interest in, and stand to benefit from working and/or learning in partnership;

EMPOWERMENT: power is distributed appropriately and ways of working and learning promote healthy dynamics;

TRUST: all parties take time to get to know one another and can be confident they will be treated with respect and fairness;

COURAGE: all parties are encouraged to critique and challenge practices, structures, and approaches that undermine partnership, and are enabled to take risks to develop new ways of working and learning;

PLURALITY: all parties recognise and value the unique talents, perspectives and experiences that individuals contribute to partnership;

RESPONSIBILITY: all parties share collective responsibility for the aims of the partnership and individual responsibility for the contribution they make.

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