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BIM Acronyms

2D: 2-dimensional

3D: 3-dimensional

4D: 4-dimensional (time)

5D: 5-dimensional (cost)

AEC: Architecture, engineering, and construction

AIM: Asset Information Model

AIR: Asset information requirements

AM: Asset management

API: Application programming interface

ASP: Application service provider

BAS: Building automation system

BCF: BIM collaboration format

BEP: BIM execution plan

BIM: Building Information Model(ing)

BIS: UK Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills

BMS: Building Management System

BS: British Standard

bSa: buildingSMART alliance

bsDD: buildingSMART Data Dictionary

bSI: buildingSMART International

BSI: British Standards Institute

CAD: Computer-aided design

CADD: Computer-aided design and drafting

CAFM: Computer-aided facility management

CAM: Computer-aided manufacture

CAPEX: Capital expenditure

CDE: Common data environment

CIC: Construction Industry Council

CMM: Capability Maturity Model

CMMS: Computerized Maintenance and Management System

COBie: Construction Operations Building information exchange

CPI: Coordinated project information

CPIx: Construction project information x-change

CR: Clash rendition

CSI: Construction Specifications Institute

DBB: Digital Built Britain

DfMA: Design for Manufacture and Assembly

DPoW: Digital Plan of Work

DMS: Document management system

EDMS: Electronic data management system

EIR: Employer’s information requirements

FM: Facilities management

GCS: Government Construction Strategy (UK)

GDL: Geometric Description Language

GIS: Geographical Information System

GSA: US Government Services Administration

GUID: Globally Unique ID (identifier)

HVAC: Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

IAI: International Alliance for Interoperability (now known as buildingSMART)

iBIM: Integrated Building Information Modelling

ICT: Information and communications technology

IDM: Information Delivery Manual

ICT: Information and communications technology

IDM: Information Delivery Manual

IFC: Industry Foundation Classes

IFD: International Framework for Dictionaries

IoT: Internet of Things

IPD: Integrated project delivery

IP: Intellectual property

IR: Information requirements

ISO: International Organization for Standardization

IaaS: Infrastructure as a service

IT: Information technology

KPI: Key performance indicator

LOD: Level of definition (UK) or level of model detail (US – level of development)

LOI: Levels of model information

MEP: Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing

MIDI: Master information document index

MIDP: Master information delivery plan

MPDT: Model production and delivery table

MVD: Model view definition

NBIMS: National Building Information Modeling Standard (US)

NBS: National Building Specification

NIBS: National Institute of Building Sciences (US)

O&M: Operations and maintenance

OIR: Organizational information requirements

OPEX: Operating expenditure

PaaS: Platform as a service

PAS: Publicly available specification

PDM: Project delivery manager

PIM: Project information model

PIP: Project implementation plan

PoW: Plan of works

PLQ: Plain language questions

POE: Post-occupancy evaluation

PQQ: Pre-qualification questionnaire

R&D: Research and development

RM: Responsibility matrix

RFI: Request for information

RFID: Radio-frequency identification

ROI: Return on investment

SaaS: Software as a service

SPie: Specifiers’ properties information exchange

STEP: STandard for the Exchange of Product model data

TIDP: Task information delivery plan

Uniclass: Unified classification system

USACE: United States Army Corps of Engineers

VA: US Department of Veterans’ Affairs

VDC: Virtual design and construction

WBDG: Whole building design guide

WIP: Work in progress

XML: eXtensible markup language

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