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BIM Facilitation

Building Simulation Lab can supply experienced facilitators to help you with a wide range of challenges, from a one-off BIM team building day through to longer-term engagements working with stakeholders, clients, and your organisation's staff. In particular, Building Simulation Lab has experience in helping organisations succeed by:

Facilitating the BIM Change Process

Working with you, Building Simulation Lab can help your organisation deal with change, small or large, which is occurring with your organisation. By working with you to develop bespoke interventions, Building Simulation Lab can help you by:

  • enabling staff to provide honest feedback
  • developing and delivering workshops interact which can help you communicate the need for BIM change and the actual change process
  • enabling all levels of staff to interact with senior managers to ensure that all stakeholders are consulted throughout the BIM change process
  • challenging your thinking about the implementation of the BIM change process, ask you questions and help you find solutions to enable the change process to run smoothly.

Developing a BIM Strategy

Working with you Building Simulation Lab can help you to develop strategies to maximise the effectiveness of BIM inside your organisation by utilising a range of strategic management tools. In facilitating BIM Strategy Development the skills of an experienced facilitator will ensure that more options are explored, that the difficult questions will be asked and that the views of the individuals involved with the BIM development process will be heard.

Defining and Planning a BIM project

The success of projects is often determined by the effectiveness of the BIM project definition and planning phases of the project. Building Simulation Lab can provide you with experienced facilitators to aid you in the definition and planning of your BIM project, working with the project team to develop robust plans and lead you through the development of elements of the planning phase such as developing work breakdown structures and risk management strategies.

Developing a BIM team

Whether your team is working effectively or in the throws of turmoil and conflict, Building Simulation Lab can help your team, work more effectively towards your goals, by providing space and structure to discuss BIM issues, explore how you interact, and find ways to work more effectively.

In order to achieve this, Building Simulation Lab would typically mix a range of self-awareness tools, non-work-focused team building activities, work-focused tasks, reflective discussions, and action planning settings to encourage participants to examine issues from each other’s perspectives and to develop new approaches to the challenge of being an effective team.

Working impartially with BIM stakeholders

Building Simulation Lab can provide impartial facilitation when being open and honest with BIM stakeholders is your key objectiv e. Recent work has included managing BIM stakeholder dialogue sessions between senior managers and staff at all levels of the organisation and working with large organisations to help them engage in meaningful conversations with the communities in which they operate. 

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