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BIM Coaching

Building Simulation Lab supports individuals and groups in their performance and development through one to one coaching and group coaching.

  • Building Simulation Lab offers one to one BIM coaching to support individuals in making positive changes within their work and career. This is especially useful when the issue would be difficult to address through BIM workshops and training. Building Simulation Lab has supported individuals in dealing with difficult BIM working relationships, identifying, and making career transitions, overcoming motivation issues and dealing with workplace stress. Building Simulation Lab is happy to work directly with individuals or with organisations who wish to implement a coaching programme for a number of their staff.
  • BIM group coaching is especially useful when there are issues within a team which the team are struggling to resolve. These issues may be as varied developing a project management structure, managing a BIM change process more effectively, through to enhancing communications within a geographically dispersed team.

The approach which Building Simulation Lab uses to coach will vary depending upon the exact BIM issues which are being explored but the underlying approach to all the coaching Building Simulation Lab undertakes is always the same: We will be asking you really good, challenging, and insightful questions to enable you to explore the BIM situation from many different perspectives. Coupled with these questions, where appropriate we use profiling tools to help you gain further insights, and techniques from NLP to help you develop new unexplored solutions and to support you in making deep and lasting change.

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