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BIM Training and Development

Building Simulation Lab offers a wide range of quality training and development in order to help you enhance the BIM performance of your staff.

Building Simulation Lab believe the context is as important as the content that is discussed within the development setting and therefore Building Simulation Lab will always work with you to develop bespoke training that will be effective within the context that you are operating in.

also believes that relaxed, learner-focused environments offer enhanced experiences for the participants and therefore courses will vary on the day to suit the demands of the learners.

Some of the courses which Building Simulation Lab offers are:

  • BIM Business Awareness
  • BIM Communication and Coordination Skills
  • BIM Creativity
  • BIM Dealing with Different Shareholders
  • Enhancing BIM Business Performance
  • BIM Facilitation Skills
  • Managing BIM Change
  • BIM Contract Negotiating and Deliverable s
  • BIM Personal Development
  • BIM Project Management
  • BIM Team Building

If you have a training requirement which is not listed above then please contact Building Simulation Lab as we can source a wide range of alternative courses through associates.

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